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Tax disputes


Appeals against decisions of regulatory authorities

Now with the passage of a tax audit by company or entrepreneur the possibility of not being assessed additional taxes (fees, mandatory payments), penalties tends to zero. And very often the inspections businesses become bankrupt and against officials begin investigation.

Very often assessed additional taxes and penalties has no legal basis, however, it is the practice that despite the complete and obvious innocence of the taxpayers against them very often decisions are taken and are handed over to the tax notice.

It should be assumed that these quantitative results for perceived additional taxes, still, is determined by the success of the work of the controlling bodies and their leaders. Moreover, each case of additional taxation, which exceeds a thousand times the statutory non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens bears the risks entered in ERDR and started pre-trial investigation of tax evasion.

If the company (entrepreneur) at the hands of the notification of the decision on additional accrual and payment of penalties, we need not hurry to perform. In 70-80% of cases it was legitimate to appeal.

Using legitimate means of appeal against fines and charges can be cancelled, or at least significantly reduce or delay payment.

We offer analysis and/or audit pending regulatory authorities, consultations, preparation of draft contracts, agreements and other documents that will be needed when checking.

If the test is conducted, we offer the analysis of the inspection report, the construction of the legal position and protection of interests of our client in all the legal processes and institutions, both in the IRS and in courts.

In addition, please note that if our customers expected level of verification one way or another connected with the Prosecutor’s office, tax police, courts, or such verification is already performed, it is safe to assume that such a check is carried out (conducted) in a particular stage of the criminal process or operational-investigative actions. Therefore, enterprises in General and, in particular, their officials, entrepreneurs should be prepared for various procedural actions in the criminal process and to get professional help or advice. Attorney specializing in this area can prepare the list of issues that may arise, for example, at the investigation and trial, to prepare for the criminal process as a whole, for individual phases or even individual questioning, for example, such important action, as the interrogation as a witness.

Sometimes, in some cases, a joint work of auditors and lawyers, so it is obvious the advantage of working with our audit firm, as we have the teams in which lawyers and certified auditors.

Remember! Timely received expert advice that will allow You to more safely pass the interrogation, otherwise any procedural action in criminal proceedings, to feel prepared and knowledgeable in criminal proceedings, taking into account your specifics and not to pay penalties.

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