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Tax audit

Tax Audit

Tax legislation of Ukraine is very confusing. It is regulated by the Tax Code of Ukraine and the thousands of regulatory documents and letters, errors may result in taxation by reason of the impossibility of tracking all the changes and the correctness of their applications. It should be noted that the tax legislation in Ukraine is constructed so that with the active conduct of business is impossible to avoid errors in accounting and taxation and well when they found and fixed before the arrival of the tax inspector.

Often after inspections huge financial penalties are carried out by businesses that lead to bankruptcy.

Typically, the controllers interpret tax rules only in their favor and well when the company wanted to have some before the arrival of the tax inspector and its activity audited, the audit of the taxation, and verification company to protect professionals.

Audit firm “MK Audit” offers a service – tax audit – with which Your company is always ready for inspection.

Our auditors have conducted hundreds of audits, that caused to the absence of penalties to our customers.

When auditing taxation solves the problem: what are the error likely would have found the tax Inspectorate when checking today and provides recommendations how to fix them.

Why should You order your tax audit in AF “MK Audit” ?

During the tax audit, some issues are identified:

  • possible violations related to the improper calculation of tax liabilities,
  • incorrect accounting methodologies
  • the cost of the audit of taxation in the fraction of fines
  • You avoid excitation of criminal cases against company officials.

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Result of of our work in the sphere of tax audit
  • A report with reference to regulations that specify:
    1. Reliable data on the actual status of tax issues,
    2. Tax risks,
    3. Possible consequences for the company and management,
    4. Necessary corrections, ways to eliminate tax errors.

Using the service tax audit, You get the advantage in time and You have the opportunity to correct existing violations of the law with the least financial loss to the ward supervisors.

We apply an individual approach to each customer, strictly observe confidentiality and trade secrets.

to Order tax audit:

As practice shows, timely auditing of taxes allows you to keep the freedom and peace of mind, as well as to save funds. For comparison: the penalty for minor violation (inaccuracy, is clearly an unintentional error) to 3-8 times the cost of the audit.


Order a tax audit with AF “MK-AUDIT”:
  1. By Phone +38 (050) 671-55-67
  2. Send a letter by e-mail
  3. Fill application online

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