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Accounting outsourcing

What is accounting outsourcing?

Accounting outsourcing is a convenient solution for businesses that is in the accounting audit firm.

Accounting outsourcing is more profitable than a staff accountant, as an outsourcing accounting firm you will claim, based on the contract for accounting outsourcing, unlike claims accountant in the state.

An important feature of accounting outsourcing is interchangeability. Audit firm providing accounting outsourcing not only preparing tax and financial statements and submits it to the tax office.

The customer can define the level of employees to provide the services.

Accounting outsourcing is more profitable than maintaining its own accounting, as the audit firm automated repetitive tasks and reduced routine processes.

Accounting outsourcing in Kiev

In Ukraine there are lots of firms providing accounting services, but it is very few audit firms provide accounting outsourcing.

Unlike accounting firms, Audit firm “MC Audit” is included into the register of Audit chamber of Ukraine and to provide You with accounting outsourcing will be certified auditors, and not just “experts”. For a correct choice of the provider of accounting outsourcing it is necessary to learn more about the company:

1) Whether the firm that provides the serves can really has status of audit firm?

2) Have the company passed the control of the quality of services by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine?

3) How many years has the company been in business?

4) Read customer reviews

5) Is there legal support for business?

Don’t take chances with non-professional accountants – choose certified auditors!!!

An important factor accounting outsourcing is the price of services. Prices that are set in the audit firm “MC Audit” are available and depend on what is included in accounting outsourcing.

Audit company MK Audit provides outsourced accounting, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On accounting” and other normative documents:

— we efficiently maintain accounting and tax accounting;

— timely and properly prepare source documents;

— maintain the personnel records;

— prepare cash vouchers expense reports;

— prepare accounting and tax reports:

— prepare and submit the report to the retirement and statistical authorities,

— we will accompany the firm during the tax inspection,

— lawyers the MC Auditing will support in solving complex legal issues,

— we will prepare advice for the Director,

— conduct reconciliation with the tax and the budget.

Benefits of accounting outsourcing

1) Working with an Auditing company MK Audit, You can leave problems with accounting us, and choose to focus in getting profit from the business.

2) All our clients receive first-class accounting outsourcing.

3) You no longer need to search in the labor market accountants, being disappointed in their skill.

4) Complete confidentiality of the relationship.

5) Cost savings. No longer You have to keep accountants and their assistants. No need to pay for their seminars, newspapers and so on.

6) You will not buy accounting software, to spend money on rent, tables, chairs, computers, stationery,

7) fees for accounting outsourcing be treated as an expense of the company and you don’t pay huge payroll taxes accountant, and reduce the profit tax.

8) We concluded a contract for accounting outsourcing, which stipulate the responsibility to the client.

9) The cost of accounting outsourcing depends on Your volume,

10) You may at any time terminate the contract of accounting outsourcing in contrast to the difficulties with the dismissal of accountant.

Audit company MK Audit has over 20 years experience in accounting outsourcing, the number of regular customers and ensures that quality accounting services without penalty and confidentially .

Outsourcing your accounting will be provided by professional auditors, not consultants without licences and special education.

Order accounting outsourcing

  1. By Phone +38 (050) 671-55-67
  2. Send a letter by e-mail:
  3. Fill the application form

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