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Inventory enterprise

Inventory of property is necessary for the company to obtain reliable information about the condition of the company’s property, to confirm accounting data and to avoid theft.

Every enterprise, that establishmed in Ukraine in accordance with article 10 of the law of Ukraine “On accounting”, is required to conduct an inventory at least once a year prior to the preparation of the financial statements.

Inventory helps to ensure the reliability of accounting data and financial reporting.

Inventoryis a specific process for documenting the existence, status and property assessment organizations.

Timely inventory of property allows you to detect the surplus, and theft of valuables. Also the purpose of this process is to check the terms and conditions of storage of property, preparation of its real value.

The inventory is required in the following cases:
  • While transferring the state enterprise into the lease, privatization of property of the state enterprises, transformation of state enterprises into joint-stock company, as well as in other cases provided by law.
  • Prior to the preparation of annual accounts, except property, valuables, cash and liabilities, which inventory was conducted not earlier than October 1 of the reporting year. Inventory of buildings, structures and other immovable objects fixed assets can be carried out once in three years, and library funds — by the decision of the Director every five years or annually with coverage of inventory by at least 20% of the units of the library Fund with the finalization of the compulsory inventory of the property in the subdivision (by responsible person) within thirty days.
  • In case of changing of materially responsible persons (at date of acceptance-transfer of Affairs)
  • In case of establishment of facts of thefts or abuse, damage to property (on the day of the establishment of such facts)
  • Under a judicial decision or on the basis of a formal document of authority under the act has the right to demand the holding of such inventory.
  • In the case of industrial accidents, fire or natural disaster (the day after).
  • When the transfer of enterprises and their structural divisions (as at the transfer date). Inventory may not be conducted in case of transfer of enterprises and their structural divisions within a single body, in the sphere of management which include these enterprises.
  • Upon liquidation of the company.

Also ordered an inventory to verify inventory of commercial and industrial enterprises, pharmaceutical enterprises, distribjutorskih centers.

Why should You work with “MK Audit”?

  • We have experience of audit and inventory work since 1994 over 20 years.
  • We have experience sudden inventory of the largest cosmetic distributors (in several cities), the experience inventory pharmaceutical distributors in different cities of Ukraine, experience inventory of industrial and trading companies.
  • Well-known companies recommend us. Please, see the Customer reviews about our work here

The result of our work:

  • You will receive accurate information about the company’s assets and the real business situation. Prevent theft in your enterprise.
  • You will receive a report, quickly made just in time.

Order inventory

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