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Payroll services

Services payroll. Outsourcing payroll.

Cost of payroll starts with 100 UAH per employee.

Payroll services are effective at reducing spending and reducing conflict situations in the team.

Audit Company MK Audit, unlike regular accountants keeps tracking of all changes and prevents conflicts.

Outsourcing payroll specialists in Audit company MK Audit provide You with the following benefits :

• confidentiality of salaries ,

• no penalties for incorrect calculations,

• the speed and accuracy of payroll, accrual of all necessary taxes,

• awareness of employees of the company AC specialists Audit the changes of the taxation that allows to respond quickly to changes,

• preparation and submission on time of all required reports,

Basic payroll services in MK Audit include:

• payroll of the staff of the company taking into account all types of charges and deductions;

• calculation the sick, vacation, assistance for pregnancy and childbirth, at birth children at dismissal, reduction, etc.;

• calculation of compensations under contracts of civil-legal nature concluded with individuals;

• calculation of monthly salaries;

• payroll wages and other remuneration;

• preparing payment sheets, and information and references on payroll for company personnel;

• preparation and submission of reports to state bodies in the order, to the extent and within the terms stipulated by current legislation of Ukraine concerning activities of the company of any payments to individuals;

• representing the company before governmental bodies regarding accrued taxes and fees relating to settlements with the staff and other individuals;

• preparation of internal (corporate) reporting for HR;

•a dvising Company’s management regarding the legislation of Ukraine, regulating the issues of wages;

•provision of other accounting services related to salaries of personnel, in accordance with the signed agreement, based on the needs of the company.

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Our payroll service saves time and money employees, eliminating the need for constant study of law, and simplifies the process of personnel administration.

Order Payroll Services

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