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Legal services for businesses in Kiev

Competent conducting of entrepreneurial activity is impossible without proper legal control carried out during operations. Many features, starting with the creation of the Memorandum and ending with the preparation of claims to contractors, it would be wrong to trust an inexperienced employee. And even the adoption in the state a legal professional will not solve all problems: because of lack of experience it is likely that when confronted with complex atypical precedents he can’t handle it, putting the organization at risk. It is therefore necessary to delegate them to the firm offering audit and legal services in Kyiv.

Decent professional education and extensive experience allow the specialists of “MK Audit” to provide expert assistance on all aspects of starting and running a business:

  • legal services on carrying out registration activities in respect of head office and branches of the enterprise;
  • drafting and reviewing contractual documentation;
  • settlement of relations with tax authorities;
  • support in negotiations, consulting on Ukrainian legislation, representation in court and Executive bodies, as well, also other types of legal services in relations with partners, customers and government;
  • full control over the debt collection from those who do not observe the payment deadlines;
  • audit of the business being purchased;
  • preparing the organization for sale and ensuring confidentiality and protection of client’s interests in the auction.

This list of legal services “MK Audit” is not limited. Excellent reputation and transparency of relationships are not included in the cost of audit and legal services, but, nevertheless, are a prerequisite for the cooperation between the organization and serving its firm. Delegating the part of functions of the company, the entrepreneur gets the opportunity to get rid of paperwork – providing legal services on her part promotes the release of resources spent on them and redirect them to the business development and marketing.

Unlike a full-time employee or even Department, the Audit Company MK Audit competently conducts current auditing, accounting and legal Affairs,

thus providing absolute legal protection against problematic situations, the result of which are direct losses and loss of profit. Providing audit, accounting and legal services organizations, she oversees all aspects of market relations. Thus, provided AF “MC Audit” auditing, accounting and legal services for business will become a kind of barrier, reflecting the attack of contractors and inspection bodies. As well, the output from the critical situations occur in the activities of any company is impossible without timely response, which can guarantee only the outsourcing of auditing, accounting and legal services, serving as the guarantee of a firm position business in the market.

Read more about our services in the sections below:

Registration LTD, Offices

Development and review of contracts

Legal services

Repayment of debt and receivables

Tax Disputes

Legal support for business purchase

Sale of business

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