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Audit and consulting services, IFRS

To improve the overall level of prosperity of any enterprise calls for a whole range of activities that can optimize the management processes, financial status, staffing structure and tax planning of the company. Consulting services provided by “MK AF “Audit” will help business owners make the right decision, as in the development of new large-scale projects and in the development of successful business start-up.

First of all, the customer might be interesting financial consulting

This is a set of services that can increase enterprise profitability and identify the hidden reserves of funding. To do this, auditors and accountants “MK AF “Audit” carried out a thorough analysis of the state economic activities of the company.

On the basis of expert evaluation developed areas, capable of optimizing the organizational and financial structure of the enterprise and are made specific recommendations.

No one is immune from the risks associated with the use of sanctions by fiscal authorities. Imperfection and ambiguity of interpretation of tax legislation lead to errors on the part of entrepreneurs, capable of inflicting enormous financial damage to the organization. Tax consulting, held by “MK Audit” is:

  • an examination of schemes of conformity of activity of the enterprise from the point of view of the Tax code of Ukraine;
  • the development of specific methods aimed at reducing the tax burden;
  • an advising on reducing the tax risks and full support of audits conducted by tax authorities. If necessary – legal support of judicial disputes with tax authorities.

For competent and professional setting financial and tax accounting use accounting consulting

It includes:

  • advising on current tax and accounting legislation;
  • checking the correctness of accounting, optimal accounting techniques and schemes;
  • coaching and training of staff members of the accounting Department of the customer company.

Total audit and consulting, conducted by experts of “MK Audit” is designed to minimize the financial costs of the customer and to protect it from the claims of the tax authorities.

The profitability of the enterprise directly depends on the structure of its staff. the Personnel consulting and auditing involves the assessment of company staff, development of systems of personnel training, promoting and motivating. Within the HR consulting introduced a corporate style of work of employees and modeled the structure of the enterprise, aimed at solving strategic tasks.

External consulting conducted “MK Audit” is effective and comprehensive measure intended to maximize the financial performance of the enterprise within the existing hidden reserves.

Read more about our services in the sections below :

IFRS audit


Transformation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS

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