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Controlled transactions: audit services

Audit services

Ukrainian legislation that regulates the duties and responsibilities of taxpayers in relation to controlled transactions, is in its infancy. 01.01.2015 came into force a number of gains, including:

  • expanded the definition of related taxpayers;
  • established right of Supervisory authority to determine the amount of a taxpayer’s obligations;
  • increased responsibility for the failure to submit the report on controlled transactions, as well as for providing false information.

audited statutory accounts not only detects all the errors in the documentation before they are discovered by the fiscal authorities, but also serves as protection from the officials interpretation of the legislation that can impress challenging, however, are not contradictory.

In the conditions of formation and law reform lawyers is recommended to carry out regular audits, in addition to the required annual.

Services of “MC AUDIT”

1. Reviewing financial statements for compliance with enacted legislation. All errors and disturbances are detected before they find the fiscal authorities. In addition, in the process of auditing identifies problematic points, which can be used in the interpretation of legislation, caused by external ambiguity.

By results of the check, the customer receives an audit report with recommendations on elimination of errors, violations in the accounting documentation.

2. Identification of controlled transactions. Conducting in-depth analysis of the organization, a comprehensive inspection of the company-taxpayer, defines the movement of funds and other procedures that are in accordance with the legislation or can be referred by officials to controlled transactions.

By results of the check, the customer receives a comprehensive report with detailed (step by step) recommendations for the processing of documentation in accordance with the law and avoid the use of officials interpretations.

3. A study of economic efficiency of controlled operations. Conducting in-depth analysis of the organization’s activities, the recommendations for increasing the economic efficiency of controlled transactions based on the trends of world market and future entry into force of legislative norms (Ukrainian, international, countries, residents of which communicates the customer). According to the research results the customer receives analytical report with recommendations.

4. Assistance in the preparation of the documentation on controlled transactions (mandatory reports, position, etc.), advising, conducting seminars for employees.

Clients of “MK AUDIT” can always rely on the full support and timely help in creating a healthy working relationship with the Supervisory authority. Biased against the government and in most cases it is caused by an unwitting violations on the part of taxpayer and external ambiguity of the law. The disputed situation of this kind be resolved quickly, the attitude of the officials in the next becomes more objective. In complex cases, conflict resolution is performed with the participation of lawyers, their advice on current issues are free for customers “MK AUDIT”.

Order audit services in AF “MK-AUDIT”:

  1. By Phone +38 (050) 671-55-67
  2. Send a letter by e-mail
  3. Fill application online

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