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HR outsourcing and accounting

The prosperity and efficiency of the business largely depends on the level of qualification and competent the personnel structure. However, violations in the sphere of action of the Labor code of Ukraine and launched HR outsourcing zre the factors leading to financial losses of the enterprise due to the accrual of fines or court payments.

HR outsourcing is convenient to optimize the productivity of staff and improve the efficiency of enterprises the company. “MK AF “Audit” takes on HR outsourcing.

HR outsourcing is a transfer audit firm of HR functions that will bring tangible benefits to the enterprise in the following cases:

  • When the organization’s leadership was concerned by the high level of costs for own staff and reasonably prepared to minimize tax and insurance payments;
  • If the personnel accounting is in poor condition;
  • If the Manager wants to be assured that existing personnel records will not result in thousands of fines by the State Inspectorate for issues of labour or the labour disputes in court;
  • When the owner or top Manager of the business wants to focus on solving strategic issues of production rather than continuous monitoring over the work of regular employees.

An important argument in favour of outsourcing is the fact that professionals perfectly know the regulatory requirements and is able to withdraw personnel records at the enterprise to an entirely new level.

Economic effect of the use of HR outsourcing

Apart from the fact that third-party company to obtain the services of personnel of production at the enterprise, there is no need of keeping permanent employees, outsourcing of personnel accounting customer brings serious bonuses:

  • Cost of services AF “MK “Audit” will be calculated individually for a particular customer. Collection of payment is made not for the time and for a particular job;
  • Customer reduces tax payments for VAT and income tax due to the exclusion from the tax base the cost of service;
  • Customer has no need to carry out staff training, to buy computer programs for human services;
  • Specialists of AF “MK “Audit” work in cooperation with highly qualified lawyers, so the customer receives timely legal advice on employment law;
  • responsible for the condition of personnel records all of the outsourcing company.

All information concerning personnel and management of the company, which fall into the field of view of the provider, will remain confidential and not be disclosed. The order of HR outsourcing in the AF “MK “Audit” – a guarantee of zero risk associated with violations of labour legislation and ensure highly efficient operation of the company’s personnel.

the Cost of HR outsourcing – from 90 UAH. for the 1st employee.

Order HR accounting in AF “MK-AUDIT”:

  1. By Phone +38 (050) 671-55-67
  2. Send a letter by e-mail
  3. Fill application online

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