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Types and cost of legal services in Kiev

Legal Department “MK Audit” offers comprehensive legal services to small and medium businesses.

This service is beneficial for companies that do not have a lawyer in the state or to companies which need additional or specialized legal services.

Advantages of subscription legal service:

What are the advantages of subscription legal service BEFORE WORKING in-house lawyer?

First, the cost of legal loan is less than the salary of an experienced lawyer.

Secondly, the company lawyer, as a rule, has a narrow specialization, we have specialists from different branches of legal knowledge.

Thirdly, You will be free from the obligation to pay regular lawyer vacation, sick leave, buy office equipment, road software, to pay taxes.

Services legal nadasa together with the subscription?

Getting legal service organizations You are entering into a collaboration with a whole team of lawyers and auditors, ready to provide You with legal service in Kiev, in which to enter:

  • preparation of draft contracts, instructions, contracts and other company documents,
  • advice on business, tax, labor legislation of Ukraine,
  • preparation of claims, petitions and other procedural documents;
  • representation of interests in courts and Executive service;
  • participation in negotiations with contractors;
  • representation of interests in state authorities, including during inspections.

Order the services

  1. By Phone +38 (050) 671-55-67
  2. By е-mail:
  3. By submitting the order form



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