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Contract development and review

Contract is an integral part of relations between business entities

A correctly written contract will help to avoid or emerge victorious from a possible dispute with supervisors and contractors.

Our attorneys can provide – the contract is what the character must be enclosed in varying economic situations, correctly will make the necessary agreement with Your wishes, the terms of the transaction and relationship with counterparties.
Also, if You are at the stage of signing the contract, have any questions or doubts about the contract or in respect of Your interests, our experts will examine the offer to conclude the contract.

Lawyers will analyze potential property risks and aspects, both legal and fiscal nature. By results of examination You will be given a written report with conclusions regarding the lawfulness and expediency of certain provisions of the contract, if necessary, the correct formulation of the individual provisions of the contract.
Most of the contracts have appendixes and supplementary agreement, and if the application is designed properly, it leads to the destruction of the whole transaction or the invalidation of the transaction.

Why should You work with us?

  • Our prices are market-based and fair.
  • Our high-quality work confirmed by Customers.
  • Our high quality work and reputation has enabled us to become a partner of the international Association of auditors and lawyers DFKinternational, which operates in 100 countries, for over 50 years,
  • You gain the reputation of a serious company, protect legal professionals.
  • Privacy. Strict confidentiality of information we receive from our customers, is one of the most important standards of our work. We provide safety of documents received and compiled by us in the course of the work, and do not disclose them without the consent of the owner, as established by Ukrainian legislation and professional ethics.
  • You don’t have to keep the company of a lawyer with a little experience, big salary, and a private work space.
  • You will be working with a truly professional lawyers. The specialists of our law practices have a first class law degree from National University named by Taras Shevchenko (Master in financial and business law).

Order the development and review of contracts

  1. By Phone +38 (050) 671-55-67
  2. By е-mail:
  3. By submitting the order form



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