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Business for sale with the help of auditors

Business for sale with the help of auditors of “MK Audit”

After the owner decides to sell the business, you need to understand that in order to profitably sell the business it must be prepared for sale.

Company “MK Audit ” will help You:

  • to prepare the business for sale,
  • to conduct an audit of your selling business
  • to prepare the investment Memorandum ( which will be described business benefits from its acquisition and the prospects for its growth),
  • to offer Your business to potential buyers
  • to carry out the process of selling the business
  • to protect Your rights to confidentiality
  • to negotiate,
  • to develop and complete the contract,

We’ll provide expert advice on taxation, which allow you to save Your money.

Thus, based on our long experience of sales business support, you can see what buyers need to understand the state of Affairs of the company, no claims from creditors and the government watchdogs and growth opportunities.

If the buyer tries to sell unprepared for the sale of a business, an experienced buyer will conduct a thorough inspection ( due Diligence), after which your business value may be reduced by half.

Therefore it is much better to seek the help of our company, after which You will be able to quickly and profitably sell your business.

Examples of our practice

Sale printing complex

Immediately prior to the sale, the seller with our help, have created a new separate legal entity that has no debts and liabilities. He made a renewal of this legal entity all permits, licenses, equipment, made the transfer of staff associated with this business, renegotiate contracts with clients, have conducted the audit, did the design of the brands of the company, prepared the investment Memorandum. Within a month after promoting the property was found two foreign buyer. Both should held Diligence (pre-sale inspection, legal and fiscal audit), whereby the company was bought by a buyer who offered the maximum price. The payment was made within 14 days after due Diligence .

Sale of a large logistics complex

For some time the seller has prepared the company for sale. Was carried out the tax audit, restatement of financial statements in statements in accordance with international accounting standards. Was prepared the investment Memorandum. The result – within 6 months the company was sold to Western European investors at the maximum price.

Sale of Internet projects

During the preparation was carried out, the procedure of all projects on a single hosting spent resolving legal issues with domains, trademarks, resolved tax and legal issues. After the projects were offered to potential investors – they were sold within 2 months.


Why shoul You choose “MK Audit” ?


  1. Unlike most companies, we have considerable experience in supporting sales of companies
  2. We have written a number of publications on the subject of the sale and purchase of business, in describing the details of this process.
  3. You will be able to sell the business at the maximum price.
  4. We will help the smooth transition of the business to a new buyer,
  5. We will prepare the contract of sale which will save You from possible misunderstandings.
  6. the Cost of preparing a business for sale help you get the best price for the business. Thus You increase your money.
  7. Our high-quality work confirmed by our Customers
  8. Our high quality work and reputation has enabled us to become a partner of the international Association of auditors and lawyers DFK international, which operates in 100 countries, for over 50 years (
  9. You are buying the reputation of a serious company, interests which defend and protect the professional auditors and lawyers.
  10. Privacy. Strict confidentiality of information we receive from our customers, is one of the most important standards of our work. We provide safety of documents received and compiled by us in the course of the work, and do not disclose them without the consent of the owner, as established by Ukrainian legislation and professional ethics.
  11. You will work really professional auditors and lawyers. Our experts have first-class Supreme audit and legal education National University named by Taras Shevchenko.

Order the development and review of contracts

  1. By Phone +38 (050) 671-55-67
  2. By е-mail:
  3. By submitting the order form



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