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Why you need to choose the Audit Firm MK Audit ?

Every Customer, choosing the auditor or consultant, ask himself the question: “why should I choose one company instead of another?”

We know why you need to choose the AF “MK Audit”

  1. Our accounting firm has a long and impeccable history of work in the market of Ukraine (over 20 years). Our company has produced more than 100 books and over 1000 magazines on tax and accounting, conducted hundreds of trainings on accounting and taxes under the brand of “accountant”.
  1. Due to the high quality services of Audit Firm “MК Audit” is a partner of the international Association of auditors and tax consultants DFK International
    DFK International is a leading international Association of independent audit and consulting companies protecting interests of customers in many countries for over 50 years. The Association has 345 offices worldwide.
  1. Our staff consitis of highly qualified specialists (certified auditors, accountants, lawyers). During the work we use the methodology allows us quality, quickly and at a reasonable price to render our services.
  1. We adhere to the strictest privacy
    Confidentiality is the obligation of auditors and audit organizations to ensure the safety of the documents received or drawn up by them in the course of the audit, not to transfer these documents or copies of them (completely or partially) to any third parties and not to disclose the information without the consent of the owner (Manager) of the business entity. The principle of confidentiality must be adhered to strictly, despite the fact that the disclosure or dissemination of information on the economic subject cannot put to it, on representations of the auditor, material or other damage. The principle of confidentiality is obligatory regardless of the continuation or termination of the relationship with the client and has no time limits.
    If the client wishes, we make an agreement of confidentiality as an addition to the contract for services.
  2. We work for the result, for smooth uninterrupted operation of customers, as well as for order in the accounting and taxation. We have conducted hundreds of audits for our clients that result in the almost complete absence of complaints to our clients from tax inspections and regulatory authorities.
  3. We do not leave our customers after inspections.
    That is very important, unlike most other accounting firms, we do not forget about the client immediately after the payment for the services and support provided to them in the future, namely:

      • Advise on the taxation,
      • Provide customer service,
      • Participate and support the clients during tax audit,

    We recommend well-known company. Please read reviews about our work on talkback

  4. We provide quality services at fair prices.
  5. work with us is financially beneficial because the cost of audit services is much less than the fines of inspectors, time, health, and cost of closure of criminal cases against the Director and chief accountant of the company.
  6. You will be confident in the future of Your company, as the results of our cooperation:
    • You will be ready for the coming regulatory bodies
    • Identify and correct errors in the accounting, before the arrival of inspectors,
    • Put things in the documents and deeds,
    • Find and improve the weak areas of the accounting Department.

Order services in AF “MK-AUDIT”:

  1. By Phone +38 (050) 671-55-67 (мов)
  2. e-mail:
  3. Fill application online

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