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Accounting services in Kiev

Accounting services in Kiev from the Audit firm “MK Audit” – a confidential service by auditors with more than 20 years of experience in providing accounting services in Kiev.

Accounting Services Kiev from MK Audit is a modern

All employees of auditing firm “MK-Audit” graduates with higher accounting educations.  Our accounting qualification is confirmed by the fact that the accounting firm audit MK entered in the register of audit firms Audit Chamber of Ukraine. We are members of Federation of professional accountants and auditors of Ukraine ( member of IFAC).

In the history of the “MK-Audit” the creation of Ukrainian accounting magazine – “Chief Accountant” .Our unique in more than 20 years of experience allows us to efficiently and quickly serve our customers at reasonable prices.

Auditing firm “MK Audit”:

Professional approach. Forget the bad mood accountant, stories about the difficulties of life and professions, demands for higher wages. Our specialists are just qualitatively doing their job. For you now works full audit firm (auditors, accountants, lawyers), not one person.

Our accounting services and our accountants are always in touch. Our specialist will not ask you to leave or time off “early”. Fast termination of cooperation (relationship with us are by the contract). You can stop the cooperation with the auditing firm at any time by notifying us in 2 months, in contrast to the difficulties with the dismissal of the chief accountant.

Accounting services by audit firm is a safe

Strict confidentiality – for us the number one priority.

Our office is equipped with a metal safety deposit box to store, bars on the windows, security. Therefore, any your information is secure.

Accounting services of MK Audit is a profitable:

The fee for the work performed. The customer pays only for the amount of accounting services, and not the fact of the presence of an accountant in the office. Payment is due only for the time that our experts have spent on work with the documentation of your enterprise. Cost accounting services depends on your volumes (unlike the accountant, who constantly need to increase the salary). Reduce the cost of workplace accountant – you do not buy a computer, table, accounting programs, newspapers, seminars and more. You pay only for completed accounting services.

Save on taxes -Payment you relate to company expenses  and not subject to taxes on salaries of hired accountant.

Your account will conduct certified auditors, and not just consultants without licenses and special education.

Order Accounting Services

Call +38 (050) 671-55-67

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