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Personnel audit

Personnel audit

strong>HR audit is a very effective way to find and eliminate violations of labour legislation and to remove the possibility of disputes with employees and to prepare for inspection supervisors.
Personnel auditing is required in such cases:

  • to change the head (Manager) responsible for HR administration;
  • to change the leadership of the organization or reorganization of the company;
  • bringing HR documentation in line with current legislation, after what happened in it changes;
  • receipt of information or instructions about the forthcoming planned inspection by the labour Inspectorate.

Personnel audit give the opportunity the company get information:

  • to get the real state of personnel documents,
  • to ensure proper personnel records and HR administration,
  • to determine the completeness of the document,
  • to find the missing, but necessary from the point of view of the current labour legislation implementation of personnel documents,
  • to assess the risks of penalties during audits;
  • to update procedures for HR management;
  • t get recommendations for the storage and archiving of documents.

Result of our work:

  • On the results of the HR audit You will receive a confidential audit report or letter to management containing:
  1. the assessment of compliance with personnel documentation requirements of the labor legislation;
  2. of the revealed violations and deficiencies in registration, accounting and storage of personnel documents, with links to legislation and a description of possible sanctions;
  3. recommendations on elimination of detected violations and the correction of all errors that were found as a result of HR audit.
  • You will improve the operational activity of Your company.
  • You will prevent possible fines and labor disputes.

Why is it profitable for you to work with AF “MK Auditing” ?

  • Our extensive experience ( since 1994) allows you to quickly and efficiently conduct HR audit on fair market prices.
  • During the personnel audit, our specialists provide recommendations for improving the staffing of the case, assist in correcting detected errors.
  • Conducting the audit, we use an individual approach to each customer,strictly observe confidentiality and commercial secrecy.
  • well-Known companies recommend us. Please see the customer reviews about our work on talkback.

Order presonnel audit by AF “MK-AUDIT”:

  1. By Phone +38 (050) 671-55-67
  2. Send a letter by e-mail
  3. Fill application online

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