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Tax audit

Tax Audit

Are you waiting for tax inspector?
Even if accounting and tax accounting in the enterprise ware conducted “sort of correct”, it is likely that a representative of the fiscal authority can identify any violations. Tax audit is a correct solution for thatt.

TAX audit: WHEN the RISK IS NOT a NOBLE cause

If You have a huge amount of work carried out by a small team or professionals with little practical experience, the risk of a tax penalty increases almost up to 99.9%.

  • Because accountants and economists can simply overlook some new features (You are 100% sure that you thoroughly understand all points of the latest edition of the tax code?), not notice any errors in documentation or to get confused when carrying out unusual for Your organization’s operations.
  • Because our legislation is not perfect and has many controversial provisions that can be interpreted in two ways. You may suffer because of such ambiguities.
  • Because Your employees may not know all the intricacies of tax audits in light of current tax legislation. But in many cases, a single violation by a tax inspector can be a basis for cancellation of a sanction.


To ensure! How? Before the arrival of the inspector of the tax Inspectorate to independently perform a voluntary tax audit, inviting for this professional independent external auditor. He will see that randomly, out of ignorance or due to large volumes of work, missed Your accountants. You will have the opportunity to address serious shortcomings, to put in order the neglected parts and to avoid tax penalties or at least to reduce their size.

Is it WORTH SPENDING the MONEY ON a Tax Audit?

  • check the tax code and to compare at least some of the penalties with the cost of the audit.
  • the additional tax liabilities that can be and 25 and 50%.
  • do not forget that in some cases, a tax inspector can suspend Your activity, blocking the current account, and this is even more significant losses.
  • professional “audit” of Your documents by independent auditors would allow not only to detect errors and to find answers to questions on suspicious transactions.
  • through a detailed confidential report and clear recommendations You will get the opportunity to bring their accounting and tax accounting to a new level of quality.


  1. Our company is engaged in the provision of audit services for over 20 years. During this time we have collected and prepared a team of highly skilled professionals, behind each of which – more than a dozen mandatory and voluntary audits. Over the years, our team has created more than hundreds of theoretical and practical works, which are now used by accountants throughout Ukraine.
  2. Audit company “MK-audit” is a partner of DFK International, an international Association of auditors and tax consultants. It confirms international recognition of the high quality of our training and our services.
  3. Loyal customers provide us with their testimonials from our work
  4. We do not leave our Clients after checking and, if necessary, ready to protect Your interests in the tax Inspectorate, and in court.


A detailed report on the work performed (comprehensive or partial audit):

  • links to applicable regulations;
  • a description of possible tax risks;
  • reliable data on the status of tax accounting in the company;
  • forecast the potential effects of the upcoming tax control for the organization and officials;
  • recommedation guidelines for correcting existing errors, and tax gaps.



Order a tax audit from AF “MK-AUDIT”:

  1. By Phone +38 (050) 671-55-67
  2. Send a letter by e-mail <title=””>
  3. Fill application online

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