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Restoration of accounting

the Restoration of accounting (accounting and tax) is a unique service from the audit company MK Audit

Restoration of accounting is required for the protection of officials of the enterprise from the tax penalties and possible criminal cases, the incorrect calculation of taxes. It must be remembered that from the year 2015 accounting in Ukraine is equivalent to tax accounting for tax purposes and not to make an accounting recovery will be very lightly. AF MK Audit offers a comprehensive recovery account recovery account of individual sections of accounting.
The Restoration of accounting is mandatory for enterprises in the following cases :
1) upon loss of the primary accounting documents;
2) the frequent change of chief accountant,
3) lack of consideration, keeping a couple of errors, which are found in other tax periods
4) when the audit is over,
5) when the company expects a tax audit.

Why it is profitable to MK Audit has restored Your account?

– For MK Auditing the data confidentiality of the client priority number 1,
– The MK Auditing will reduce your costs (restoration of accounting is many times cheaper than the fines controllers),
– Supervisors will not be able to bring criminal proceedings against officers of the company, as the accounting would be fine and all errors will be corrected,
– MK restoring Audit records will save your nervous system (known as nerve cells do not regenerate, unlike accounting which we will restore)!!!

Restored auditors AF MK Audit accounting guarantee to help:
– to have the correct accounting and enables a company to correct errors before a tax audit,
– to have restored the correct accounting documents
– to perform a correct calculation of the tax for the restored period,
– to prepare and submit tax returns without penalty Finale of our services on restoration of accounting and taxation is the correct state accounting enterprise, as well as the recommendations of the auditors on the proper accounting in the future.

What will happen if we do not restore the account? If the deficiencies in the accounting records not addressed in time, the risk of serious accrual of penalties during a tax audit. Time made restoration of accounting and tax accounting is the guarantee that the company will not suffer losses due to additional tax payment and filing penalty. All works on restoration of accounting and forming an updated reporting are conducted in accordance with relevant legislation and based on regulations on accounting.

Cost of the service “accounting recovery”

If the business requires professional restoration of accounting, the cost of this service in AF MK “Audit” will be set individually based on the tasks that will be set by the customer. Important criteria in determining the cost of the work is the existing state of accounting and primary documentation used taxation system, the scope of business and period in need of repair.

Steps to recover your accounting proccess:
Step 1. Auditors of AF MK Audit assess the company’s accounts and form a plan and schedule to restore the account. On this basis we agress the scope of work and the cost of restoration of accounting with the customer.
Step 2. Together with an employee of the company systematically goes through the process of rehabilitation of the primary and other documents. Changes are made in the registers of accounting and tax accounting.
Step 3. After you restore the account (primary and other documents), the new Auditors prepare tax and financial statements, and calculations of corrections for taxes and fees.
Step 4. Restoration of accounting is over. Corrected reports were submitted. And the company with the right accounting and tax accounting conducts the final payment.
Step 5. Audit firm continues to cooperate with the enterprise providing consulting and auditing support to the client’s business.

Order Restoration of accounting Service

  1. By Phone +38 (050) 671-55-67
  2. Send a letter by e-mail
  3. Fill application online

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