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Order legal services in MK Audit

MK “Audit” occupies a leading position on the market of legal services in Kiev. A wide range of tasks and the ability to defend the interests of our clients provide a solid legal protection. In order “MC AUDIT” legal support of transactions, examination, settlement of disputes with the Supervisory authority, the repayment of debt, and we will solve any question with the maximum benefit for you, while acting strictly within the law.

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Unlike other firms, we will not try to impress you available to our lawyers of foreign diplomas, the value of which is difficult to define a specialist in another area. Speak for themselves the elite of Ukrainian higher educational institutions. Providing legal services to produce qualified and experienced professionals – graduates of National University of Taras Shevchenko, Kharkiv Law Academy with a large resolution practices in favor of clients’ legal situations of any complexity. “MC AUDIT” provides legal services to organizations in Kiev more than 20 years.

Legal services in Kyiv, according to the following directions:

● Support and maintenance of registration of the legal entity, including the opening of foreign representative offices

Our specialists prepare complete set of documents and submit them to registration, regulatory authorities. After the completion of the registration procedure the client gets a complete set of documents, including bylaws, all statements, etc. At the request of the client before registration we provide assistance with choosing the optimal legal form of legal entity.

● Support contracts, drafting and review of contractual documentation

The service includes the drafting of contracts, not allowing interpretations and leaves no loopholes for unscrupulous business partners. Examination of the contract is held to determine the validity of penalties against our clients. If any provision of the contract is ambiguous, we interpret it as an attempt to cause material damage to our customer and act accordingly.

Request a legal review if you have even the slightest doubt about the integrity of someone making a deal. Need to know the truth!

● Legal services for business support the buying, selling

In complex service includes:

  • marketing research, analysis, characteristics of competitors and potential target audience (consumers), the determination of the position of the business on the market at the present time and forecasting of its development;
  • examination of documentation and preparation of missing on the part of our client’s documents;
  • transaction support, monitoring of the correctness of its implementation.

Please note, the cost of legal services in Kiev in support of selling (buying) the business is not higher than the market price detailed analysis. “MC AUDIT” carries out marketing research + legal support for the price of one service.

● Countering unreasonable claims of state agencies

In most cases, all difficulties resolved quickly, forming a normal working relationship with the Supervisory authority. If such a scenario is not possible for any reason, “MC AUDIT” carries out legal examination of acts of verifications, notifications, instructions and other documents. Upon detection of irregularities in the work of their supervisors bias can be removed in the pretrial order. Otherwise, we the court protected the interests of our client.

● debt recovery

We operate strictly within the law. Even in the most difficult cases, when the loan was done without receipts, without witnesses, the debtor, through our competent strategy of behavior, with the court recalls its commitment.

Select your destination or will charge us full legal support of your organization. Order the outsourcing of legal services in Kiev and save money on paying full-time employees!

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