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Order audit services in MK “Audit”

Effective audit requires not only validation of mandatory reporting documentation for compliance with regulations, requirements and recommendations on elimination of mistakes, but also the analysis of financial and economic operations. The study of commercial activity of the enterprise allows not only to solve current problems, but prevent their occurrence in future. This is a requirement of international standards of audit and strictly adhere to our rule of professional ethics. This approach ensures the welfare of our customers and the Foundation of impeccable reputation “MC AUDIT”.

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Unlike other organizations, we don’t propose temporary solutions that only allow you to avoid fines in the here and now, but entail more severe consequences. Request audit assistance at “MC AUDIT” – we will ensure the elimination of all violations and further legal support.

“MK AUDIT” is not attempting to become an indispensable partner. Your documentation is always under your control, and we present detailed reports, assist the chief accountant, the head of the company, responsible workers to understand the complex issues. If the customer decides to terminate the cooperation, he can still rely on the advice, assistance in obtaining.

The specialists of “MC AUDIT” provide audit services in Kiev for more than 20 years, among our customers and small business, and the largest Ukrainian companies. Our customers stay with us not because you can’t work without us, but because we offer reliable, comprehensive and timely support at a fair price.

Audit services you can order in Kiev in “MC AUDIT”:

– verification of accounting documentation – mandatory, elective, urgent, preparing to interact with the Supervisory authority;

– development of recommendations on elimination of violations, including step by step instructions;

– assistance in the preparation of financial statements;

– consultation on changes to legal norms and their application.

– establish normal working relationships with supervisors – support during the inspections, check out with the customer to the territorial body GFS, defending clients in court (if necessary, usually manage to settle all disputes in the pretrial order).

Order your audit now and receive his free legal, consulting support!

The provision of audit services in Kiev is made on the basis of the contract, which compulsorily registered provide our clients with guarantees and increased responsibility, which assumes “MC AUDIT”.

In order to clarify what is included in each service audit for your business, go to the appropriate section of the website.

To determine the cost of audit services in Kiev, you are interested in obtaining more information, give us a call. We appreciate your time, your call will be answered not by an operator, and technician.

To order audit services in the “MK AUDIT” and get a guaranteed protection from penalties, which starts the same day!

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